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Actually I did to a ton online searching - that's how I was getting the $40-50 costs! And I did search Wilton's site too - but I just couldn't find a separate hydrangea. And I didn't see that set locally either.Annie - I saw this set at the cake supply store yesterday and I see that it does have both the flower and the leaf cutters - as well as ta veiner for the flowers (sorry I called it an impression mat - I'm still learning terms) - but I was wondering about the...
I looked online at Wilton, JoAnn's and Michaels and I thought I only saw hydrangea cutters as part of a set. So I went to Michaels tonight and looked at all they had, including the sets, and did not see any hydrangea's (4 petals). Are they really available?I hope to get to Vanilla Bean Cake Supply in Madison WI tomorrow - if anyone would happen to know what they might have there? I looked at the other cutters that you had recommended here and it seems like I am going to...
That does make sense. I seriously need a week of sleep.
Creamy paste? Is that different from just gum paste?
AWESOME!! You have helped me tremendously! I love that tutorial - exactly what I had been looking for. And I will definitely look into the wilton cutters.
is there a particular brand of cutter you would use? Would you recommend a particularly helpful tutorial? Should I expect to use wires or do they not always need them? I am doing a wedding cake for some older friends and her flowers will be plum hydrangeas. I'm just a hobby cake decorator and am looking forward to learning a new technique - but I could really use some suggestions on where to start! I did try a search here but didn't come up with anything. Thank you!
That was incredible! I'm glad they showed the cut cake pic too - it was almost hard to believe it was cake! Did you see the nostrils - they did an absolutely wonderful job!
Oh that's way too bad. Maybe they'll reconsider... maybe you don't want them to! I'd hate to have that kind of pressure - so much and no time! I'm sure yours would be so much more worth eating though!
I think the freezing is a good idea - I know I've read posts here about how to do that without ruining the fondant.
You did an absolutely wonderful job! That cake is gorgeous! You are so sweet to make such a special cake!!
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