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I hope this is the correct forum....I've only made sheet cakes that were left in the pan, and I just realized that the only ones I have are the enamel coated 9x13's with rounded corners and edges - not really suitable for dumping out to stand as is.So, I'm in need to do some shopping. I want to make a wise purchase, but not spend a fortune -- What brand would you recommend? Wilton at JoAnn's? or the double-walled style? Or??
Wow Carmijok, I love both of them! I appreciate seeing the pics w/the sizes - it really helps give me a good idea of what I need to do!
Thank you so much for that help! That idea of offsetting the layers is what I needed to hear - I imagined a "fault line" developing if I just layed the two sheet cakes together.I LOVE your cakes! I looked at your pier and then checked your blog - Your style is exactly what I love. Someday I'll get there. Again, thanks for taking the time to explain all this - the sizes/servings really helped too.
One more question to add - can you even practically layer sheet cakes?
Even if someone could point me to somewhere on here that could help - I'd really appreciate it! A sheet cake seems more practical at this point, but even at that I have no idea how to make a "big" one!!Anyone? I'm trying not to panic - I don't want to regret offering to make this cake. I feel ok about the decorating, but this size/shape thing has me stuck!!
Well... I'd love to try tiers, but I've never done them and maybe this isn't the time since I don't actually have much time to play with this -- so maybe I should do a sheet cake(s) (keep in mind that I've never made anything larger than a 9x13 single layer!)As for decorating, I was going to just smooth a buttercream and do something on the edges and use tons of royal icing flowers.
I just found out that this surprise anniversary party will be in two weeks. I found an awesome sounding peanut butter filling recipe here that I have to use. And the Hershey cake recipe got good reviews here too, so I was thinking of using that for the cake.... still not sure if I should go with a white buttercream frosting or stick with all chocolate though.But my big problem now is that I really don't know what shape/size of cake to make. There could be potentially 90...
Can't you just take any cake recipe and make cupcakes out of it?
I just want to say - I'm a soapmaker by trade, not a baker (ok, a wannabe maybe, but no where near yet). I LOVE that someone here can ask a question like this and get honest non-snarky answers. You are wonderfully helpful people! You have to be very careful what and how you ask on the soap forums I've been on - it's just so nice to see how helpful you all are!!
There's a bunch for sale on Amazon - them - a lot come up!
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