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Just feed the cats for me while you're there! lol!
Since we will be out of town during the week, before we leave (like on Sunday and Monday) can I make up the frostings (two cream cheeses and a bc - probably Sharon Z's) and also a caramel filling? I could put them all in large ziplock bags in the fridge until Friday afternoon. As long as I bring them to room temp and put them in the mixer a bit before using, is it ok to do this? Won't compromise the texture/flavor?
Baking cakes at home is hard on kids. Kitchens are often off limits, mom's attention is severely limited - at least mine is. After I made my first wedding cake my 7 yo asked if I could please not make more cakes for a while. I'm glad it will all work out fine for you!
Thanks - it's good to know!
Kazita, you said you got some in Madison? Was it at Vanilla Bean? Or is there another cake supply I don't know about?? Not that I'm able to get there in the next week, but at least in the future I can get a more "local" supplier.
Wow! You help give me a perspective! I was beginning to feel like I've been putting too much effort into "free" cakes (two in two days - just finished the 2nd) - but mine are super simple compared to yours. It's' no wonder you're exhausted! And two year olds don't know - he did give you a great compliment too. At least it's "fixable" - even though you don't really want to deal with the cake anymore (and rightfully so!). A good friend told me that his mom did cakes...
Ok, that helps - I've spent so much time searching for it already, so I'll just continue looking for the regular. Is there any consensus - is CK better than TBK? Or no difference?
YMMV? You mentioned more temp sensitive - I've read that before but how bad? And unfortunately 50# is way more than I can use. I'm only a hobby baker.
I should also ask - does anyone know if there's a good supplier anywhere near Wisconsin - so shipping hopefully is quicker?
I'm not experienced enough to add much yet, but I LOVE my offset spatula. For the fondant accents I've done, I love my clear ruler and pizza cutter.
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