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Thank you Michelle. I got the cutters and forms from Scott Woolley - I ordered purple & green petal dust from him and he suggested a fushia also - I'm so glad I had the fushia as it added much more depth.
I didn't have time to get up to Madison, so I found a place down in Rockford that had it. Neither is super convenient, but at least I know where to get it now! And I got a couple of extra tubs to keep on hand even though my family wants to ban me from doing more cakes! lol!
I used it in Sharon Z's bc for the wedding cake - and it really is easier to work with and looks amazingly smooth!!! It reminds me of softened mascarpone, it's absolutely wonderful. I never would've know about it if it weren't for all of you - thank you all for sharing your valuable info!!
DON'T try mixing Wilton's white and black. You'll get a purple. Their black seems to have a lot of red in it. Thankfully the purple turned out ok for the cake I was doing it for, but it could've been a disaster!
Even with being sick, this was surprisingly not as difficult as my first wedding cake. It was no where near perfect, but I was happy with how it turned out. And I got tons compliments too. 3 -tiered chocolate cake with cookies and cream filling, frosted with Sharon Z's frosting and gumpaste hydrangea flowers. Oh, and a fondant ribbon.Ok, I tried to post the pic here but I guess it's too large and I don't have a clue how to shrink it, but it is in my gallery.
Thankfully I feel 90% better this morning. Now just the pressure to get it done!
I am taking precautions, but I'd just rather lay down. The grooms cake is done. Crumb coated the 11" bottom of the tier. I have to get to bed now - am hoping I'll be better in the morning!!!I do have another problem though.... I reuse my sbs pillars and they're all cut too short for this bottom cake. Please tell me that there's some way I can make it work without taking it all apart - I can just imagine the huge mess I'd make, plus I don't have a lot of time to spare. ...
We just got home a couple of hours ago - before I left the plane I became ever grateful for those little white bags they put in the seat pockets. We had to stop several times on the drive home as I was in total gastrointestinal distress (to put it mildly) I laid down for over an hour (hoping it would be done!!) but I'm still uneasy and need a bathroom near. Sorry for the mental picture, but I'm desperate. The last think I want to do right now is put a cake together....
That's good to know! Thanks for replying. I'll be sure to pull the fondant ribbon off when I serve then.
I had to work today so sent dh to the store to get some fondant. I mentioned Satin Ice and Duff's and he came home with Wiltons. (I need a gray so he got a white and a black for me to mix)I only plan on using it as a ribbon around the bases of the 3 tiered wedding cake, and maybe as a bow or something on the extra cake.I'm just wondering - is it easy/hard to work with? I think I read that it tasted awful - is that true?
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