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You AND the bride should run! Sounds like an abusive control freak. He sure would ruin your joy!
There was a yellow cake scratch off on here too - that's how I found Sylvia Weinstock's recipe that I use. Do a search for it - it's very interesting reading!
I hope it all goes well for you! Remember to post pics too!
That sounds amazing BakingIrene!
I didn't want to keep talking about this on another poster's thread - figured it would be better to start a fresh one.The talk about coconut flavoring started me thinking and I had to try something (I'm sure this has been done before, so humor me! ) I used 1/3 C virgin coconut oil, 2/3 C hi-ratio shortening, 1 lb powdered sugar, a pinch of salt, and some finely shredded coconut that I toasted on the stove - oh and I thinned it with some regular cream. It is WONDERFUL!! ...
I just went and made a small batch using 2/3 C hi-ratio, 1/3 C virgin Coconut oil, about a lb of powdered sugar with enough regular cream (don't have coconut milk right now) to make it work - and it is wonderful! Very smooth and smells and tastes delicious! I am so glad I had a tiny chocolate cake in the freezer - it's now thawing so I can EAT this frosting!
I wonder if coconut oil could be subbed in for a bit of the shortening too.... it is solid at room temp and smells divine... Wow, does this ever sound yummy!!
Thank you! I didn't know I could order that - that helps!
Travmand, I've called and even looked myself at GFS (Gordon Food Service in Rockford) and I didn't see it (and the girl said they didn't have it) - where is it??
Oh funny - you're my neighbor! I'm in Beloit! Don't you think we need a closer cake supply?!
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