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How gross to cut and eat that. I couldn't even make a pregnant belly cake for that reason.
Ok thank you. Appreciate it! Now if I could just "poof" make the cake be done.... I hate making yellow cake!
It's just chopped strawberries, sugar and cornstarch - cooked long enough to thicken. I need something really simple (but it has to taste as wow as possible). I'm just afraid I will cutt he cake and the layers will flop apart. Would it work? (Mimi and Denise - I loved your filling suggestions - I'm just so exhausted right now that I have to make this super easy - wishing I hadn't agreed to it!)
Ok, that gives me some more to think about! Sounds complicated though... Just reading it makes me want to go lay down - lol! I think I have a cold creeping up on me, so that isn't helping. Dh is on the way to the store for me - so I will try the fluff, the cheesecake, strawberry cake, and a yellow cardamom cake I just read about that used strawberry filling. I'd rather use a recipe from my files at this point, but that just won't work. And thanks for the support!
I haven't been here in a while - dealing with breast cancer! I must be recovering though, friends are asking for cakes again! Lol! My brain is mush right now - each direction I go in hits a wall - and I'm afraid it's just me, so I thought I'd ask you for input! I did a yellow cake with a strawberry buttercream filling for this girls graduation 2 years ago, now her mom wants another going away cake for that daughter. More strawberry - but I'd like to do something a bit...
Ina Garten's recipe worked great! Ok so it's not as flavorful as Warren Brown's, but with some lemon syrup and a filling I think it shall do nicely! Wow, Lemon cakes sure take a lot of lemons! I do have Toba Garret's book so I'll look up her yellow cake - I may also be doing a marble. I liked Sylvia Weinstocks yellow, but if Toba's is good I cold give it try.
Grrr... Was up late last night making Toba Garret's recipe and they both fell. I love Inagartens recipes so hers is up next - but this has to work this time!!! The cake must be done by Sunday and in between now and then I see a surgeon for breast biopsy results, work, prepare for overnight company coming on Thurs, in addition to the usual swimming lessons, etc. - and I'm struggling with not letting myself shut down!
Ooooo, that sounds good! I'm so tired of looking at lemon cake recipes - I just want one that will taste awesome and layer/stack well. I will keep that one in mind Still Learning!
Both very good ideas - will try them both and see. I had made Warren Brown's lemon cake and it is absolutely delicious, but too dense I think for layering. So still need to experiment. Toba Garret's lemon cake is next - am hoping that's the one!
I originally thought curd, but could that wind up being TOO lemony? Any suggestions? I have free reign - but the easier the better!
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