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Well THAT is icky. But realistically people put non-edible items on cakes all the time. As TexasSugar said, I always advise not to eat the decorations if anything has touched them that is classified as non-edible, even if non-toxic, like dust. Sometimes I recommend they not eat them in general...because I just don't think dried gumpaste tastes very good. :-p
I like to use 100% edibles. They make an edible ribbon for cakes that is quite pretty. It has just a little shimmer to it and comes in all different colors:They're sold all over: adhere with...
The decorations on my shoe cake are gumpaste and black. I used Lucks liqua-gel colors.
You could do the cake as the "pond" and have the piano floating on a lily pad with the groom sitting on top, fishing off the side.
These are more mod but they're cute
I would think a partner would be necessary if you plan to continue to be super mom. We owned a coffee shop and barely had time to take care of our dog! In that situation, I might see about creating some sort of partnership with a Barista who could handle the beverage portion of the business as an independent entity. That person could feasibly handle the booth while you need to be away. They could benefit from the beverage sales while you benefit from the bakery sales. I'm...
Sweet! I assumed she couldn't give me money to buy the ingredients but I wasn't sure if her purchasing them herself would be alright. I also didn't know if the "strong suggestion" (and request of a receipt) for her charitable donation would be a problem. I would love to raise more funds for charity this way.
I'm not worried about this particular instance, it is merely an example. However, if I continue to offer this to friends and friends of friends, I want to make sure it isn't a no-no. Lets start by saying while I work in the baking industry, I don't work at or own a bakery, nor do I have a permit to make food commercially from my home (don't boo-hiss just yet!). My BFF asked me to make cupcakes for a baby shower she is throwing for her sister. She is going to go shopping...
I was thinking about trying this on my last cake but I'm perplexed about the board. If your cake and board are 8" do you get any icing on the side??? LOL You wouldn't want to put an inch of icing on the side if you went up a board you cut down your cake? Do you cut down the board? In which case how do you ensure it is perfectly smooth? So many questions. LOL
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