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Hi everyone , i got this great recipe on pink champagne cup[cakes but i was wondering if the champagne can be substituted?? i don't like to use alcohol in my baking so can someone suggest a replacement???? thanks
thank you for the replies but i already bake the cheesecake with the water bath and it still cracks.... i know for certain that im not overbeating it i do bake it at the temperature of 350 degree and for 1hr and 10 min, can that be wrong????? and i also do leave it in the oven for an hour or 2 once i turn it off.
i like to make cheesecake to give as gifts but what is devastating about this matter is that it always cracks in the middle.... is there a solution to this problem???? plz help!!!! thanks
hi eveyone!!! and God bless you . Today i ran into a situation and of course i count on anyone and all those who can help me with the knowing of how can i overcome this situation???? i love giving cheesecakes as a gift....but how can i remove a cheesecake from its baking pan of a springfoam to a cardboard without destroying it???? and without giving away part bottom of my pan????? thanks much!!!
i use crisco shortening not oil sorry
Hi everyone,im a new in this cake decorating course and i would like to know if this is something that anyone that is more experienced than can allow me to know and understand if this is ok??? i make myown butterream icing no butter just crisco oil, and as hard as i have been looing i still i cannot finf the proper dose??? meaning when i put wilton/or americolor pste color for some reason the color looks repelant on the icing??? i"ve seen vibrant colors with this type of...
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