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Thanks for the replies. I will either put it on top a sheet cake or carve it out.... AllaMarie those cakes are alot of fun & yours is to cute! Im getting so many requests for these cakes but was trying to figure out the best way to go about making it to feed more people. Thanks again
I was asked for a quote on a pregnant belly cake and the ones I've made only serve about 18 people she needs it to serve 35. How do I make a larger one? I cant find larger pans
@ DeliciousDesserts if it is a sit down style Wedding and you are the one cutting the cake do you charge extra to serve the guests at the table or is that something their caterer does? Also if it is buffet style do you just place the cut slices at a designated table or is that something the caterer should have to do also? Sorry I have so many questions lol
Sorry it took so long to reply I just wanted to say Thanks for the advice & ideas!!!
Thanks, I'll do that. What I did search only came up with a few websites & it gave me info that brides should ask the decorator lol.
So, I've just gotten my license & am trying to figure out consulations. Where is the best place to have the consultation? What questions to ask? Also do i talk to the bride before the consultation & bring sketches of different cakes according to what they like or do they tell me what they like at the consultation? Do I give a quote at the consultation? This is racking my brain lol. Please help.... I need some general guidance here. Thanks in advance!
I didn't think of all that. Thank you so much! I was thinking along the lines of $10 but you made me think again.
In all approximately 40 min that includes time for gumpaste to set in mold (about 10 minutes)
I'm trying to get my prices set & have no idea how much to charge for a 3d gumpaste baby like the one I made in my photos. Any ideas?
So, I haven't really worked alot with fondant and was wondering what kind of cake is best to use to cover a cake in fondant. Looking for any flavor recipes / box mixes that hold up well under fondant.
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