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I made some softball toppers last year out of fondant. I am looking for an easy way but more realistic look time. I opted to make cupcakes for my daughter's softball team. Last year I attempted to use Wilton decorator gel but the taste was gross not mention I kept getting tails on  the stitching. I ended up using an edible marker which looked fine but wanted a better representation.  Any ideas or tips?  Thanks, Kelly
Sorry should have said premade colored buttercream. I bought some and they sent samples but it has a few years ago. Small business they also sold cookie icing if that helps.
What is the easiest way to make flames for a Harley theme cake? I wish there was a Harley cutter to purchase!   Kelly
I ordered some pre made colored frosting a few years ago. I can not for the life of me remember the name I got found them through CC. Does anyone remember the name and if they are still in business?   TIA, Kelly
Took me forever to find the time to actually make them. The blizzard we got yesterday was the solution.  I love CC for wealth of info & sharing tips & recipes!
imagenthatnj~ they taste fantastic, rolled out not too bad... chill....chill and flour in between. I am not a cookie baker by any means. Trying my hand at and in it for the memories with my kiddo    
That is the same recipe from she uses them as cut outs. I just made this but haven't rolled them out yet as they still chilling.
I am going to try and make this cake. From what i can tell the top of each tier has ganache smoothed on top with slight drips coming down the sides. I am attaching the photo. Now when would the best time to insert the legs prior to adding the ganache, immediately after or after it sets? When would the be the best time to add strawberries. I'm attempting this for my friend's wedding and am also in it.Thanks In AdvanceKelly
Country Kitchen SA carries mixes. has anyone tried the CK brand? They also have a 9lb in white, chocolate & yellow but unsure if it is also the CK brand.
Will you share what recipe you use momma28? Your cakes are amazing!
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