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I live on Maui Hawaii and needed a buttercream that would hold up to heat and humidity. I am proud to say I found Indydebi's recipe and it worked, taste great!!!!!! I would highly recommend! Thanks you rock, aaaaaallllooooohhhhaaaaaa!
Lol ok thanks, I was second guessing. I live on Maui so it's very hard finding any craft items. I lucked up and found mold builder for $25!!!!!!! Yes very high because of island living. Ugh! thinking about ordering some from amazon but my shipping will still be high. Oh well
Ok, so I decided to give this a try because I really need sugar bottles however in the video the female states she use 15 plus coats. Her bottles are nice and thick. I am up to 24 coats on the 3 bottles I'm making and I can still see thru them. I started off with thin layers am I suppose to apply thicker coats now? I've been coating for 2 days now. Thanks
Thanks for the info, can't wait to try.
Thanks for the afordable tips! Would anybody suggest using 1 cup equal sugar and corn syrup for a wine bottle that's bigger than beer bottle? Wondering how much. Would it be possible to mold half the bottle then bring the two together for a full bottle with bottom? I would like to make my wine bottle suspened over the cake. Thanks ope for ideas.
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