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Kittimami,   There is a thread titled "Shipping A Fondant Covered Cake" that has a few ideas to try.  It does seem to be hit and miss as to whether a cake gets there in tact regardless of who the carrier is.   I have successfully shipped 4 cakes through the USPS.  They were different sizes, but all of them were chocolate mud cakes and covered in fondant.   Good luck. Teresa
K8, even if the OP is not interested, I would be as long as your willing to share.   Thanks, Teresa
That is the Browning buckmark logo.  I work with somebody who is really into hunting, which is the only reason I know.  No idea what they made it out of though.
Your welcome. 
I believe you have to be subscribed to the Naughty section before you can post pictures in it.  When I click on the upload picture under my profile, Naughty Cakes is in the drop down section as a choice.  If you have not subscribed to that section, try PMing the gallery moderator or do a forum search on how to subscribe to that section.
Just a hobby baker myself, so not sure if this will work or not.  What if you put down some melted white chocolate and then stuck the rock candy into that?  Sorta like snow piled up and it might add some extra support for the candy so it wouldn't fall over.  Like I said, not sure it would work, but it is something that popped into my mind when I read your post.
Our USPS office doesn't always ask if the package contains flammable, breakable, or something than can spoil, even though they should.  When they ask, I always tell them it is cake or cookies and they leave it up to me to decide if I want it marked fragile.  If one wants to be reimbursed for damage during transit, one must definitely be honest with the carrier when purchasing the extra insurance.  If you don't purchase insurance, the most you could possibly get back from...
Thank you, but I should probably give credit to my husband since it was actually his idea.
I have successfully mailed four fondant covered cakes since September through the USPS using priority mail.  What I did was find a cake box that was the closest in size to the finished cake (they were different sizes) and then filled all the empty space in the box with stale miniature marshmallows.  Then packed that box tightly inside of a corrugated box.  I didn't want the inside box shifting around while in transit.   The three days that the September cake spent in...
I second AnnieCahill on the amaretto ganache.  That was the first thing that popped into my head when I read your post.  Chocolate cupcake filled with amaretto ganache covered in amaretto buttercream.  My mouth is drooling, think I should go make some cupcakes.
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