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Thank you all so much for your support!!!
My Cake that I made has been put on Sarah Janes Website, "MY PHOTOGRAPH" has been downloaded and pinched off my blog,!!!! Go to my blog and see for yourself!
You have a cake of mine on your website SJ please can you remove it immediatley or I will take legal action and then you will be feeling even lower!!!!!!!! I have not specified which is my cake as you will know  which cakes are not yours!!!!!!!!!!   Plus you obviously have little idea about the time taken to make a cake like mine as you would be out of pocket...   I think stealing other peoples cake to put on your website is not a good start and I dont understand...
Wow,I will be praying all goes well for you!
That's it thank you so much
Can anyone remind me where on earth I bought them...thanks.. I just remember the U.S and they give one free sample can you delete this, I am trying to tidy up
I really really want a few cupcake couriers but/ they do not sent to the UK. Why is this!!!!I love the colours...why is there so much choice over there. I dilike the wiltons one and have hassled the place to get some sort of service going.
gumpaste and fondant can be frozen but can you get it in your freezer/ and take it out the evening before allow about 12/14 hours/ DO NOT TOUCH IT it WILL look wet but it will dry out.....dont worry.. not sure about the marshmallow fondant though. Good luck I hope all works out.
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