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30 minutes included the verbal interview and 5 minutes of cake going in fridge for set up before final layer. Its time to move on to the next one:/
Well the answer is NO I'm not ready! They said I need more experience
Well I finally got the opportunity to interview for my first cake decorator job! I will also mention at the place where I want to work and I can see myself there! They are so nice! But it was a disaster! I had to cut to layers and frost ! Not hard right done it a hundred times! However I guess they didn't like how I was doing it because they kept interrupting to give me suggestions. That was it and when I was done they said thank you will talk and give you a call. I'm...
I'm going to try this one also. Cause I want to pipe a crisp shell border.
I am going to watch those RIGHT now! Thank u
my friend has requested a red velvet cream cheese piano cake for her son who is leaving for college. I have not agreed yet! I'm not a professional bur am my worst critic! I usually only decorate with buttercream.
Has anyone ever had any luck using cream cheese icing for decorating a cake? Like for the boarders and covering?
Ok fellow bakers! Someone has requested that I make them a piano cake! Has anyone ever made a piano cake? And if so any suggestions ?Oh did I mention I'm not a professional! Stressed out
Thank you for all your advice. I think I have spent enough money and time on these cards. I have not been able to get one that didn't bleed. So I guess I have to use real cards... I really didn't want to Now if I can get the Las Vegas sign right maybe this will work.
Cards .. I typed cars
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