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I make my cupcake stands out of cake boards all the time. I cover them with foodsafe paper...glue ribbon around the edges and put styrofoam circles covered in coordinating ribbon/material. To make it sturdy I drive a dowel thru all layers. For something as big as you need, I would use the cake drums and do a few dowels just to be safe. HTH
I use regular styrofoam circles from Michaels, Joanns and sometimes the dollar stores. I have found the cake dummies to be too expensive. I also use a high temp hot glue gun and seem to have no problems with everything sticking together.
I make my cupcake stands with cake boards covered in foil paper with coordinating ribbon around the edge. I use styrofoam circles hot glued together and also covered in ribbon. I also hammer in a wooden dowel thru the center of all the levels to make sure it is more stable. HTH
Good evening everyone...I just finished putting the fondant on a birthday cake for an 18th birthday party and will finish the decorating at the crack of dawn. But I do have one question.....this cake needs to be shiny and I am wondering which way will be steam it or spray it with an edible glaze (in a spray can)? Thanks!!
I am doing a cake this weekend that is covered with black, white & red fondant and need it to be shiny. What will be the best way to get a shine? I bought a spray can of edible glaze but am scared to try it!! Thanks!
I have a cake that will be picked up tomorrow a.m. It's a buttercreme with gumpaste roses & lilys. Since it has a raspberry filling it needs to be refrigerated. Can I put the gum paste flowers on and then refrigerate until the customer picks up?
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