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Thanks Manddi...didn't come across it on here yet!  My gosh this goes to show you need to double check orders! lol...
Just saw this in the news.  A mom ordered a picture cake for her daughters college graduation.  She asked if they could pipe a "cap" on her head, meaning grad cap...whoever took the order thought she said "cat"!  Thank goodness this family had a great sense of humor and laughed and laughed and the mistake gave her daughter her 15 min of fame! Just wanted to share, thought it was good humor! lol   I hope my copy and paste works!!  
I agree when its a co worker things could be weird at work if you keep all the money.  I brought custom cupcakes to work ONCE for a co workers birthday because I'm closer to her, and then had a ton of people wanting me to make them cupcakes, fainting at the price, so for months I kept saying I'm busy because I didn't want anything happening like this. Good luck!
What about white chocolate ganache whipped for filling and crumb coat under the MMF?  I think MMF and orange would be a great combo...or vanilla bean buttercream?  Or an orange flavored buttercream? I think of it as a nice touch!
You could just do a ribbon around the base of each tier of their wedding color?  Or I'm doing one in August with the 4 row of diamond look ribbon at the base of each tier.  Easy and cheap...good luck! Oh I'm doing the same size and throwing in the 6 inch as well! 
Beautiful display! Great info, thanks for that!  Love that pink tent!
I would be honest and tell her its not even enough to cover expenses and let her know what the price really would be.  I know its hard since she's a co worker, but why should you go in the hole for her cousin baby shower?  Gosh I charge $80 for a plain double layer buttercream sheet cake with no decorations other than just a quick border. Good luck...
I agree after looking at your cake (simply gorgeous!) and the cake stand its on, I can't imagine how the stains you describe could have been made by the cake.  Someone tried washing it, has to be!  I wouldn't pay anything either.  Not your problem.  Hopefully you won't hear from her again!
I charge $80 for a double layer 12 x 18 just frosted with a border piped on.  This is a way easy cake for me to put together so I don't price it per serving.  I charge more if there is a more expensive filling inside. HTH
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