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I hope you figure this out...these cakes both would be very expensive to make.  Don't cheat yourself...if they think it costs too much, then let them price it out elsewhere...good luck, let us know what happens.    Oh and don't listen to crabby old cakefat!  I see you just joined last night and then you get that bordering rude comment...most folks on this site are very nice and helpful, when I see the brassiness of some, I usually just sit and shake my head.  Yes...
Insane!! I couldn't imagine.  I did a cake and 200 cupcakes and my kitchen was covered!  That was a gift for niece, I would never ever do that again! Her gift was worth a ton more than other people gave, plus It took me a day to make it all and I was up all night! Please let us know the outcome of this! Good luck!!! Oh and I'm Italian too and 400 is a huge wedding in my family!
Thanks Manddi...didn't come across it on here yet!  My gosh this goes to show you need to double check orders! lol...
Just saw this in the news.  A mom ordered a picture cake for her daughters college graduation.  She asked if they could pipe a "cap" on her head, meaning grad cap...whoever took the order thought she said "cat"!  Thank goodness this family had a great sense of humor and laughed and laughed and the mistake gave her daughter her 15 min of fame! Just wanted to share, thought it was good humor! lol   I hope my copy and paste works!!  
I agree when its a co worker things could be weird at work if you keep all the money.  I brought custom cupcakes to work ONCE for a co workers birthday because I'm closer to her, and then had a ton of people wanting me to make them cupcakes, fainting at the price, so for months I kept saying I'm busy because I didn't want anything happening like this. Good luck!
What about white chocolate ganache whipped for filling and crumb coat under the MMF?  I think MMF and orange would be a great combo...or vanilla bean buttercream?  Or an orange flavored buttercream? I think of it as a nice touch!
You could just do a ribbon around the base of each tier of their wedding color?  Or I'm doing one in August with the 4 row of diamond look ribbon at the base of each tier.  Easy and cheap...good luck! Oh I'm doing the same size and throwing in the 6 inch as well! 
Beautiful display! Great info, thanks for that!  Love that pink tent!
I would be honest and tell her its not even enough to cover expenses and let her know what the price really would be.  I know its hard since she's a co worker, but why should you go in the hole for her cousin baby shower?  Gosh I charge $80 for a plain double layer buttercream sheet cake with no decorations other than just a quick border. Good luck...
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