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What kind of fondant were you using?  What did you have under the fondant?  Buttercream or ganache?  So sorry this happened to you! Did you take any pictures you could load here?
I also do not put my ganache in the frig it will get really hard.  Just let it cool and thicken on the counter. cover with plastic wrap right down on top it.
White chocolate ganache is a 4 to 1 ratio...its not really chocolate and it has more water in it.  So divide 4 into 2.1 lbs.  HTH
Isn't that crazy!! People will buy advertise it and they will come. 
There are charts that state how much batter is needed for a pan can google cake batter chart, this is Wiltons. Hope this helps and good luck!  You should do fine with simple cakes and designs.   Wedding Cake Baking Time and Batter Amounts - 2 in. Deep Pans The chart below is based on baking recommendations from the Wilton Test Kitchen; your results may vary depending on oven performance or altitude in your area. For large cakes, always check for...
I just used black buttercream.  I did a head bust of him for my grandson last year. He loved it! 
The picture didn't come through...I always just do a right click copy, then paste it...can you try again?
Can you post a picture?  And no right off $50 for a cake like that is not too many servings was she expecting?  Maybe she should have ordered cupcakes or something to go with it? 
Oops...I guess its your father's friend not uncle!...too early! lol
Don't down play being self taught!  I'm self taught...34 years ago I started when I couldn't afford a 1st birthday cake for my daughter...I found an old fashioned Wilton kit for Raggedy Ann, with plastic tips and really firm plastic piping bags and a heavy foil pan...I practiced on a cookie sheet piping those stars over and over...and wholla!  I read books and just kept practicing over and over before you you can watch first hand online if there is a technique...
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