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Beautiful job!! Love the ruffled fondant on the sides of the cake too.
You let fondant cut outs lay out and dry, I wouldn't put them in the frig.  You can put on the details and let them dry overnight..
  Sorry I just googled it and I had cocoa butter and cocoa solids mixed up...there are no solids in white chocolate.  All I found was that in the US white chocolate has to be at least 20% cocoal butter.  But that's all.  How frustrating they don't have it on the pkg...
I find info that its 40% fat, but white chocolate isn't really chocolate so that may be why you can't find it?
This has all been an interesting read for sure!  Good luck Nicki, ask questions if they come up as you do your trial run.  Sometimes they only way to learn is to go for it!  SPS system would be the safest system to stack your cake.  I'll be following this string for sure!
Wow...if the cake board didn't show, can't imagine what his problem is...I agree, no cake for him!!
It looks really good!! Good job!!
First off like everyone else said you are right, you do need a board under the cat.  My only question is was the board big and covered the whole surface of the cake it was sitting on or did you trim the board smaller more in the shape of the cat and fill in any part of the board with frosting/decorations so you couldn't see the board?
I just use my regular ganache recipe and whip it with a mixer after it cools, this can stay out of the frig as long as its not hot and humid, then it will melt.  Your recipe sounds like a lot of cream to only a lb of chocolate...
Go out to Facebook on the MN Cottage Food Law page and like and get the petition links there.  We need to get this passed this year!
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