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Love it, its gorgeous!
Colleen26 you can do a search and find plenty of strings on how to do a cake from start to finish.  Don't be intimidated, your daughters cake is perfect to practice on.  Good Luck!
Go on Esty...there is a company that makes them out of a styrofoam of some kind, they hold 200 lbs...and cost is only like $40.  They cover them in foil that's embossed. I bought one and I love it!  So light yet strong.   Cake Stand 14 inch Square "Simply Elegant" Ask a Question   $35.00 USD Quantity12345 Please select from the available options Overview Handmade item Materials: styro foam core, wipeable film, embossed aluminum trim Feedback: 168...
Ugh, I feel for you...but a full refund is needed. So sorry, I would be crying!
Those do look like hand made fondant pearls to me.  You would roll them then put edible luster dust in a bowl or baggie and toss around to can also apply these with just a bit of sugar glue, no need for piping gel, I've also used just a tiny bit of water too.
Was it over baked?
There's a recipe for gelatine balls in the recipe section, maybe you can make tiny ones and have them rolling down the side?
Yes you can redo it...carefully cut/lift the fondant off the cake, then scrape off the buttercream...see if it looks like alot of the filling squeezed out.  You can if needed carefully take top layer off and redo the filling, add some ps to your buttercream for a really thick buttercream and pipe that around the edge so the filling does not seep out again...then crumb coat again and refrigerate a while, then start over with fondant.  Hope this helps...I remember a few...
Sorry didn't see this till now...I would let the buttercream details just air dry as you would the fondant...sealing in plastic can make some fondants soften back up, and buttercream can make fondant start to soften as well. If your worried about leaving it out uncovered, just lay a napkin or paper towel lightly on top after its crusted. HTH
That just looks like a smaller star tip that is being squeezed in a line.  Just try one on a cookie sheet or a paper plate to try it first.  HTH
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