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Yes, that will work fine. I would stack and crumb coat, freeze an hour than carve uneven edges off. then skim another crumb coat to assure its even.
Rosie good response...yep if no one ate it, he should return it to you. I have a feeling he is looking for a refund and your cake was fine. Gook luck, let us know what happens!
I just use pearl luster dust and keep swirling your brush on it and it just leaves a sheen, it does not turn it white or anything. HTH
I would have doweled in the center and added probably 5 or 6 more half way between center and the side of the sorry you are having problems. Can you add more dowels now? put it back in the frig or freezer to firm up? HTH
I know the cake you are talking about...I did one last week for a baby shower too. I just bought the mould and the petal dust in flesh tone, peach, and brown, and followed a tutorial on here. Mix your fleshtone into the gumpaste before putting it in the mould, makes it easier to finish...then just dust to whatever tones you want. look on my page to see the one I did. It was pretty easy...oh and put in the freezer for half hour and it pops out perfect...then let it dry...
Only use the big marshmallows when making MMF, not sure why but they seem to work the best. I store in the frig and microwave a few secs to warm it up to knead. I don't think using Marshmallow Fluff is a good medium to use for MMF. I wonder if the cornstarch that is on the outside of the marshmallow is what makes a difference. HTH
Love it too!! Love picking it up to place on the cake, makes it easy and perfect!! I too wish I had one in a smaller size...I'm still dusting with corn starch and rolling cut outs and other fondant adornments.
I use a very small tip and put a tiny dot of fresh buttercream on the crusted buttercream. I pipe some then fill them in...makes it easier to see where you want to place them. HTH
I've never tackled a big sculpture one like that with a pvc pipe running through it...If its all RKT won't just the pipe work? Gosh, good luck with that one!
Cheatize, Good luck to your hubby...and its so hard to predict weather this time of year...we can be really cold already in MN, or warm back up like it has...just got my last tier covered. The frig thing helped some and I rolled it just a tad thicker. Letting them sit to air dry a bit before I continue.Hey From Scratch...glad you got top dollar for that cake. I have not ever done a topsy turvy yet. They look like fun...I'll watch for you pic! You will post it? I hear...
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