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That's how I would do it...maybe one or two on top too?  good luck!
Sounds like the cake settled overnight.  I don't cover my fondant cakes and let them sit.  Do you let your cakes settle for a few hours after crumb coating?  Do a search on here regarding settling cakes.  Good Luck
Go out and google ruffle cake tutorial and watch one of those.  This is made with strips of fondant going in a circle pattern.  Good luck!!
I agree with everyone, those flavors go great together...and white cake and my basic buttercream are flavored with vanilla and go with everything too.
I would think no...coconut oil melts on contact when you touch it.  Do you mean for making fondant or for rolling it out? 
Never heard of this one...please let us know how it turned out!  Maybe a tsp or so would not make a big difference in a buttercream.  Add more flavoring for moisture IF it did...good luck!!
Good luck!!
You have to put your cake on cardboard cake round, is the top of the wood even and smooth?  You could use a double sided tape...
Turned out beautiful Tor1985! 
What kind of Buttercream is it?
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