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Thanks costumeczar. I usually use the one from Earlene's and yours is close to hers in servings. As for the cake, I'm afraid the 12 inch bottom may not be as big as I want it to be. It may not be as dramatic as I wish.
Thanks. That's what I thought too but I want mine to be able to serve 125 and these size pans won't do. I need to go a little larger. But I'm wondering if I use a 14 if I can make my sizes look in proportion.
Can anyone tell me what size pans and dummies may have been used to make this cake?Thanks!
This her exact response to my asking why she couldn't do it in buttercream and about the design fee. The venue is about 30 minutes from her shop.Her response: Since the cake will be traveling in warmer weather and a bit of a distance than most of our deliveries it is best done in fondant. It would have to be stacked on site and buttercream just does not hold up as well as fondant. Buttercream gets very soft and it is hard to stack and work with if it is not cold. All of...
Last year I had a woman ask for 8 different flavor combinations to taste test. Gimme a break. 8!!!!!! I made 4 and didn't want to do that. Some people have no idea.
I want the old tried and true buttercream of 1/2 crisco and 1/2 butter and powdered sugar. I think I'm going to look for a different cake artist. Besides telling me it can't be done in buttercream, she also gave me a price of $5 a slice, a $100 design fee, and a $75 delivery fee. I think the per slice is a little steep and what design fee? I'm giving her the design. LOL
It's actually my own wedding cake but I'm not doing it myself. I'll be too stressed and the wedding venue is over 5 hours from my home! I had contacted a bakery near the wedding venue. If I were doing it myself, I would attempt it in buttercream but when she told me it couldn't be done, I couldn't figure out why.
My baker says I can't do this cake in buttercream because of the way it's stacked. I hate fondant. What do you all think? Should I go with a different design or a different bakery?
Apology accepted. Small claims court can be a joke. I know from experience. You can end up with even more money and time invested and lost. I'm over it. LOL....On to the next cake. I have a huge cake to deliver tom. morning and the MoG just called and wants to rent my square pedestal for the cake. The bride said in the beginning she couldn't afford it but the groom wanted it so his mom is pitching in. The first thing out of my mouth was, "There's a $150 cash deposit since...
Thanks Amy, I hadn't thought of her reputation being ruined and her being embarrassed. Maybe I need to nonchalantly mention the pedestal deal to some of her church members or friends in front of her with the point being made that "somehow it was thrown away and maybe they've seen it. " Like I said, this is a small towna nd I'll see her around.LOL
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