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Yeah I make cakes and usually use the SPS but have thought about the Stress Free many times. The only drawback is the worry over getting all of it back. But you know, for the sake of my mind, I'm going to rder the Stress Free and the cakesafe.
Thank you all! Sweetcakes, I was afraid it might be wobbly. I had made up my mind this weekend to use the SPS and plan to order a cakesafe next weekend. So would you use the stress free or the SPS if you were me.
What is RCT? Rice Krispie Treats?
Oh my goodness! I just looked it up. It seems simple enough and is very clean looking and affordably priced. Just another to the mix.
OK you guys, I have decided to bake my own wedding cake, travel with it for 5 hours and try to keep it safe at the venue for one day before the wedding. My cake is 4 cake tiers with 3 dummies inbetween cake tiers. So which system do I need to stack it with for safety in travel and setup? I have the SPS and usually pack my cakes in Lowe's boxes for traveling. But I'ved never traveled with a cake that size and that far. I researched and researched until I'm totally familiar...
Thanks costumeczar. I usually use the one from Earlene's and yours is close to hers in servings. As for the cake, I'm afraid the 12 inch bottom may not be as big as I want it to be. It may not be as dramatic as I wish.
Thanks. That's what I thought too but I want mine to be able to serve 125 and these size pans won't do. I need to go a little larger. But I'm wondering if I use a 14 if I can make my sizes look in proportion.
Can anyone tell me what size pans and dummies may have been used to make this cake?Thanks!
This her exact response to my asking why she couldn't do it in buttercream and about the design fee. The venue is about 30 minutes from her shop.Her response: Since the cake will be traveling in warmer weather and a bit of a distance than most of our deliveries it is best done in fondant. It would have to be stacked on site and buttercream just does not hold up as well as fondant. Buttercream gets very soft and it is hard to stack and work with if it is not cold. All of...
Last year I had a woman ask for 8 different flavor combinations to taste test. Gimme a break. 8!!!!!! I made 4 and didn't want to do that. Some people have no idea.
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