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Thanks you guys, I guess I'm stressing here in these last few days. I had planned to use sps in the cake tiers and dummies. But I guess there's really no need to use the sps with the dummies. I'm just so stressed about the support of this cake and traveling.
OK. I'm doing my own cake for this weekend. Here's the pic again. I've baked my tiers (14, 12, 10 and 8 ) and they're in the freezer. I'm making the flowers today. I've ordered the cakesafe because of travel time of 5 hours. I have my dummies ( 10, 8 and 6) and just wrapped them in ribbon. I was just working on all of it, i realized I have a problem. I planned to use the SPS system but my dummies underneath the 12, 10 and 8 inch layers will not allow the use of...
Well, I ordered the cake safe. 2 actually. I received them last week and opened the box up literally 1/2 hour before we had to hit the road for a 2 hour long delivery. I was a little concerned that I wouldn't understand the workings and get it all straight in my head in such a short time. But it was very easy to assemble and very straightforward in directions. This cake was a very heavy topsy turvy fondant covered cake. We set up the cakesafe, put the cake inside, washed...
I ordered for the first time from Jester's cake supplies on Wednesday at 4:00. The prices were about average with other suppliers on most products. The great thing about Jester's???!!!! I received my order on my doorsteps within 23 hours!!!!! Granted I am in South Ga. and they are located in mid Florida but WOW!!! Less than a day!!!! I'm sold!!! Oh and another good thing. If you enter "cakecentral" in the coupon code box, you get an extra 10% off!!!!!!
Thanks sberryp, I will use the cakesafe many times over I'm sure. I understand what you're saying about the hole in the dummies. I'll do that. The one that you traveled for 12 hours with in the cakesafe.....what support system did you use and how many tiers was it? That's quite a ride.
Yeah I make cakes and usually use the SPS but have thought about the Stress Free many times. The only drawback is the worry over getting all of it back. But you know, for the sake of my mind, I'm going to rder the Stress Free and the cakesafe.
Thank you all! Sweetcakes, I was afraid it might be wobbly. I had made up my mind this weekend to use the SPS and plan to order a cakesafe next weekend. So would you use the stress free or the SPS if you were me.
What is RCT? Rice Krispie Treats?
Oh my goodness! I just looked it up. It seems simple enough and is very clean looking and affordably priced. Just another to the mix.
OK you guys, I have decided to bake my own wedding cake, travel with it for 5 hours and try to keep it safe at the venue for one day before the wedding. My cake is 4 cake tiers with 3 dummies inbetween cake tiers. So which system do I need to stack it with for safety in travel and setup? I have the SPS and usually pack my cakes in Lowe's boxes for traveling. But I'ved never traveled with a cake that size and that far. I researched and researched until I'm totally familiar...
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