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Hi all,  I have a Christmas order for a cake for my county office which will reflect  the act of charity and giving. We are a military town and they want that aspect incorporated somehow too. The only thing I can think to do is a small village of buildings depicting some of the charities in the county. Maybe a Goodwill store, Salvation Army store, United Way office, Lion's Club building, churches, etc. .....but that would be soooo much work and details involved.And I...
Thanks. That's more servings than needed. We only need 200 servings.Maybe instead of 8 inch tiers on top and bottom, I could do 6 inch. And instead of 16" bottom ,maybe 14 inch?
I think I'll do 6, 10, 12 and double barrel 16 all in fondant.
I will post a pic when it's done. I'm excited to do this design. It's so different.Thanks for all of your help everyone and keep on giving advice. Every little bit helps!
I agree with you about fooling with the sizes/ If I add a tier, it's going to change the look. I'm going to talk with her tomorrow and maybe we can do a kitchen cake to supplement. I'm thinking I'm going to do it entirely in fondant due tot he weight of the flowers as lkern777 noted. We're near Savannah, Ga., where it's always warm, and I don't want to risk sliding fondant flowers. I'd rather do a 5 tier than a 4 with kitchen cake as the bride wants a great presentation...     Bride doesn't care if it's buttercream or fondant. She said whichever is easier for me. Love this kind of bride. Needs to serve 200. Suggestions? Tips?
I like all those ideas! I love the tall cakes and also thought about throwing some gold in there for the glam effect. I only have 2 weeks so I have to get my design nailed down. Thanks for your input!!!
Wow! That sounds awesome. As you described it, I envisioned it also! The infinity symbol is a sideways 8. I could put one of those on each side of the monogram! I really like the idea of the cascading flowers too. I'm going to draw up some ideas. I'll post a pic when I complete it. Thanks!!!
Ok. I just received an order for a birthday cake for a 12 year old. They are allowing me to do whatever I want as long as I include these aspects:   hot pink and lime green 2 tier chevrons her initials the infinity sign flowers and has to be over the top!   Price is no problem.   I can be creative using 2 or 3 of these ideas but am having trouble figuring out how to incorporate all! Any suggestions?
Nancy, I agree with some others about smoothing your buttercream. It must be your recipe. I use half butter,half crisco, powdered sugar, vanilla and a tad bit of water. After smoothing as best as I can, I let it crust over for about 10 minutes then use the Viva paper towel and fondant smoother and it looks very close to fondant!! As for the burlap trim...I do  many cakes and use the burlap you buy in the wedding section of craft stores and Walmart. It doesn't shed. I've...
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