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I used a Disney Store Rapunzel doll in a cake and those legs are really in that doll's body. I didn't want to ruin it so I just left them on and wrapped them in cling wrap like the other poster said. I'll going to add it to my gallery.
You can add a round cake to the bottom of the wondermold cake to make it taller.  You can either make it the same diameter as the wondermold or put a bigger base below it.  If you do make a larger base be sure to cut a circle in the bottom of the wondermold cakeboard for the feet to fit thru into the base.
I just got the new mat with the markings on it.  It is the only mat I've used beside the Wilton one so I have nothing to compare it to. That being said, I LOVE it!! It has markings for square and round cakes and how much fondant to weigh out to use for each layer. It made my job so much easier than trying to position and not mess it up. 
Just an idea, try to make them out of modeling chocolate and add the sparkle to them before you place it on the cake. Or, use a stencil on a super cold frosted cake to avoid sparkles on the base coat. The Wilton sparkle gel is a good idea but I don't know if it will run down the side of a cake.
I believe it is a bit over 4 cups of batter. I still use a single mix for one 10 inch round layer and with the bake-even strips it turns out fine. For a square cake I had to use a box and a half with the strips.
I put a little piping gel on the back of mine and press very gently.
Welcome to the site!I'm sorry I don't have any book advice but you should consider the Wilton classes. I'm not sure where you are located but Michaels and Joanne fabrics both have classes and they are not too expensive. Sometimes they have 50% off specials and I feel like having someone there to tell you what you are doing wrong really helps.Besides that, try You Tube videos. I've learned alot from them, Edna De La Cruz, and this site.And keep at it! Happy Caking!
Don't but the core they sell for $8 in stores. I use a #7 flower nail turned on it's head and it works great for $1.49.
I made some hobbie horse cookies with royal and after flooding I used the star tip to make the mane and tail swirly and it turned out good! Make sure your consistency is correct.
I don't know anything edible that would give you that effect. If it's not going to be eaten you could use rhinestones. Use a gumpaste tool to make an indentation into the fondant just a bit smaller than the gem and press them in individually. Or, if you are not against using Disco dust you could try that to get the sparkle. Remember, it isn't edible either.
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