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I LOVE Bakels but just recently tried Satin Ice as all the "Big" decorators seem to use it but I hated it! I think it's just too soft and sticky for the climate here in Sydney. This thread is really old now but I would love to know what you thought of the Bakels compared to Orchard. I was advised by many people to steer clear of the bulk Orchard product as it has a nasty taste in comparison. Hope it went well for you Tia
Oh Annie that was hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I looked at the cake and i have to say that you "polished that turd" into a beautiful cake - well done!
Thanks for the tips Renito76 - I've been facinated with your incredible print and was wondering how you achieved it. Stunning!
Hi All, I've never posted on a forum before so please be gentle haha. I always get bubbles, whether I refrigerate or not and also when I fill and cover with ganache as well as when I use buttercream. Drives me crazy, I use a pin and then press them out which works fine but then I can never completely get rid of the hole...perhaps I'm being too fussy
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