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what tip do you think this is??
I got my first real order this week its only 2 dozen but still I'm excited and its for a real pastry chef so I want them to be perfect. This recipe taste amazing and cooks up wonderful, but within a day and a half they are sooooooooo dry.    He needs them on Thursday, I am thinking bake Tuesday night let cool wrap then Wednesday evening seeing as he wants to pick up Wednesday night, should I tell him to keep them in freezer or refrigerator??  When in other forums...
alright I really want to make this happen its my boyfriends favorite desert and I am dying to get it into a cupcake. I'm thinking maybe a pudding type cake with a whipped topping and choc curls...I don't really like the idea of doing a filling with just the pie filling into a cupcake, thats to simple.I want this to be a cupcake that is literally like the pie.maybe a pie curst bottom...i dont know what do yall think???any suggestions are appreciated
I know that different recipes will result in different textures and denseness. In general is there a way to tell how dense it will be? Also now I know a couple recipes that will make dense cupcakes how can I change it so that it will be more fluffy? Another thing in some comments I read on a recipe said if I used a proper mixing technique it would turn out right....It ended up with a texture of cornbread and could stand to be little more moist...I'm assuming I did not do...
I have been having the same problem with mine thank you Auzzi for the suggestions
I think if you can get a reallly good moist vanilla recipe that it would be better. Only because with chocolate that would be very rich with the cookies and cream stuff. Neither will be bad though because anything cookies and cream is extremely good I like the idea of trying both, let us know how it goes
yes I did find that out officialy the law was passes in Feb. I have also found a kitchen that will most likely let me use it for free. There are only two shops loaclly selling cupcakes besides the grocery stores. I know that this may not be a huge busines to start, I'm just looking for a little extra money nothing major. Just going to start small with the friends that work with family and Farmer's Markets and Flea markets (if thats allowed) and try to get some clients and...
surveymonkey is a very good tool
thank you both I have figured out that Arkansas has the cottage food law but if you have pets in your house then you still can't bake and sell from home, which is sad because I have a dog. I will look into church kitchens that may work well.
I can tell people are looking at this. Does no one have any tips for me I can't figure out where to get started I have 50 something recipes and a dream to get this going. Please any help.
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