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99% of my cakes are all buttercream. I've done a handful with decorations made out of fondant and/or marzipan, but those are few and far between. Some of my recent work:                                      
I like to just use parchment rounds that are the same size as the cake board the finished cake is on. They keep the board from getting oily but don't stand out.
The funny thing is, scharffen berger's owned by hershey's now
It's slowed down a bit after v-day but we still had some decent cakes this weekend. I had a crazy day when I got a call telling me I didn't schedule an opener, but it was easily fixed. We also had a tour come through on tue. from the retail bakers association convention which was a bit nuts. I'm also throwing in 2 from last weekend because I'm proud of them.                        
KopyKake for sure. The bags are a little softer so I find them easier to work with, and they don't have the seams like the rolls of bags do.  
I would call around to gloia's, surfas (both in the culver city area) and kake kreations (canoga park). I've bought satin ice at surfas, but that was a few years ago and they may have changed what they carry.  
At work we don't put pink and purple cakes in the display case for this reason, they will fade very noticeably in the span of just 24 hours.  
We're in the post christmas lull, and it's killing me slightly, on the upside, I'm going home earlier and I can actually decorate cakes again, instead of dealing with a million other things at work.      
I couldn't narrow it down to 1, so here are my top 4, in no particular order.              
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