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That is ALOT of cake to bake in one day.  If I am understanding right, it is for this Saturday?  I would suggest to you to start baking them now, wrap and freeze them, they will be fine for Friday/Saturday and it will save you the stress.    For transporting, can your Aunt put some in her vehicle and then you both can drive them up there.  I would definately use non skid shelf liner as Marianna46 suggested, you can get it at Walmart and it is a life saver.    Can...
This paticular cake was done by you can email them and ask. But I agree with me_me1, that it could be that technique.
Just wondering, because it has been a while since the last one. Maybe something for Halloween or Thanksgiving? is a blurb on the side of it that tells what it is. According to this it is a glaze.HTH!P.S. It is by Martha Stewart Wedding
This: is a video on it here too. Super Bowl Fondant Football:
I have used cornstarch in some of my recipes to help make them smoother. I would pull out 1/2 c of frosting in a seperate bowl and add some cornstarch 1 TBSP at a time and see if it helps, this way you won't end up wasting a whole batch and you will know right away if this will solve your problem. HTH and good luck!
I have been noticing problems too. Logged in on some pages but not on others and then the site going down completely. I come back the next day to get on and it shows that I am still logged in.....weird.
This is a 4 part series that may answer some question for you. I found it very helpful. HTH
I agree with jason_kraft. I too looked at the other products on etsy. The mini's are less, but the ones that are about the size of yours are around $2.50 to $3.00. Plus your customers are getting fresher product with not having to wait for them to be shipped.
You can also rub it with another piece of fondant. I heard this works well.
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