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  Can anyone tell me what size cake pans I would need with this cake stand :)
Thanks, that's helpful, I am still pretty nervous about this one, will probably give me a hard time to get but let's cross your fingers.
Thank you, I planned on putting the scrolls on fondant and not buttercream, will that be more of a problem?
Hi, I need to make a a square cake (only one layer) for a confirmation next weekend and she wants something in line with this cake, these scrolls. I've never made these, any help would be greatly appreciated, any tricks I can do, can I do anything else then piping this?      
Also, would you say that the white color is grayish or?? Just wondering how I can get that color or should I make it just white and purple :)
Yes, that's a good idea :)   Great, I'll relax :)
Great, I'll relax :)
Great, also may I ask, what colors would you say the cake here above has, it does not look as white, more kinda grayish, what would you recommend using. And since I am asking, how should I make the top tier look since I am adding it to the design :) Maybe all purple with her name and date in the sides? Any ideas would be great :)
This is a confirmation, there is food and then it ends with cake for the guests- I think I will just add a 6 inch on top making it a three tiered cake and then I should be safe right? :)
I already baked the 10 inch and 8 inches, maybe I should just add an 6 inch on top? to be sure
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