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Thank you both :)
I am tempting to make a similiar cake but I am not that good with a piping bag, worried about the dot line. Thougt I could print out a similiar pattern and use a a guide line and press into the cake and then insert suger pearls instead, what do you think, will that work or do you have a better idea :)
Hi hi,    I am making this multicolored rosette cake this weekend, I have done tons of these rosette cakes but not multicolored, just wondering what would be the best way of getting the right color tones, should I start with white buttercream and than add a very small amount by tooth pick to the buttercream and to the next roses, then add more, do roses and so on. What do you recommend so I end up with the right color fading look :)
HI hi,   I need to make two Oscar award statues to go on a top of two cakes a week from now, any ideas on how to do this so I can make it as realistic as the real one and how to get the best gold look :/
O.k. great, I'll give it a try tonight :) wish me luck :)
Hahaha of course, wasn't thinking when I wrote this, of course I mean airbrush :)
Hi, I have been asked to make a cake similar to this on and I am wondering if I can only make the blue'ish pattern by  paint brushing it? I have acquired the paintbrush "machine" and I am going to try it tomorrow evening, that is practise, is it hard to do this? Should I be worried? :/  
Ooohh that is so clever, never would have thought it ;) thanks so much :)
Found this beautiful cake on google, just wondering if anyone has any idea on how the pattern on this cake was made :)  
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