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Colette Peters has a really pretty cake topper that is in the shape of a pineapple in her book on Weddings. It's a 3D version and all white.
That's awesome! You're cakes look great.
This is a good place to find instructions.
The table is a good idea. I happen to live within walking distance of one of the top ten bakeries in the US (not good! ) and although it's not the trendiest of places, it does have that U set up, with a table. They also serve fresh gourmet coffee from one of the local roasters. You get a big cup too, so I go there a lot!
unforgetable2u, thank you so much!
I feel the same way. Go to your library and Barnes and Noble. Check out the books. I'm only in Wilton I, but I want to start learning about other techniques. I am experimenting with MMF right now. And practice your roses and writing. I do it while I'm watching tv.
Gosh, I'm truly sorry you lost your job! It is wonderful that you're going to be starting a bakery. How great!I either shop at the ones I know are good, and have been in business for 20 years, or I look for the modern, trendy places. However I do notice a trend with restaurants. Many have that fresh and trendy look but the food is awful. I want both. I'd rather go to a dive with good food, then a cute place with mediocre food. If I were planning a party or a wedding...
Lera, Would you be so kind as to direct me to this video? Thank you so much!
I love her!!
I'd start with this one. You can't go wrong with PaulaPaula Deen's Grandmothers Recipe,,FOOD_9936_30653,00.htmlThere are a few on the foodnetwork. The Sara Multon one is good too! has many, some look traditional, some don't. Read the reviews. ...
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