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Happy this bad boy is done with!! Came out great but was so nerve wracking to make
Awesome!  Thanks for info!
There are two different types of wilton giant cupcake pans listed on amazon. They are both listed under this listing. Does anyone know the difference betweeb them?
Thanks!  Was not planning on reusing the fondant once I take it off :)
I usually have no issues with Satin Ice fondant but yesterday I used red Satin Ice and it gave me tons of issues.  It was ripping as i was rolling it out and was very hard to work with.  I had to cover two pieces of cakes with it and only managed to get one part covered and I really don't like how it looks. I never took fondant off a cake after it has been sitting so long with it covered - is it too risky to to take off and try and recover it?  My other idea was to just...
Neither :) It is fondant that I cut with a cutter and then cut the white fondant with a slightly smaller cutter and put it on top of the green.
Can anyone share a firm chocolate cake that would be good for carving? Bonus if it is non-dairy!   ty!
Has anyone made one? Any tips/tutorials?
That's my cake from this weekend.  I got the design from a cake of Erica Obrien - of course hers is way better than mine though :) I ended up using a flower from Michaels (wrapped the wire) - I hope that's allowed!  I made my own flower but I never do flowers and really did not like how it came out.
tx!  so do you have something else you do instead?
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