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I do it the old fashion way taught to me by my grandmother.I crack the egg into the palm of my hand, then seperate my fingers slightly and wiggle the egg up to my fingers and the whites fall through my fingers with the yolk left behind. Really easy.The shell method also works great.
Hi,,,Just wondering if you carve a cake do you charge more for the cake compared to a regular sheet cake?I have to make one in March and have never done it before.Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
I use fondant letters all the time on buttercream and have never had a problem. I don't use tappits but I do use clickstix, I love them.Once your buttercream is crusted, I don't see any problems with placing fondant on it. I use fondant decorations on all my buttercream cakes.
I agree, ready made sheets of RKT would be one way to go. I worked as a cook in an assisted living home and for teddy bear day I had to make 50 teddy bear cutouts out of RKT. I used the ready made 32 oz. sheets.They were very easy to work with and to me, at least, tasted really good.You can buy large sheets of ready made RKT. One place I found that is pretty reasonably priced, is can also find them on Amazon.I would look around for the best prices....
mmmmmmmmcake1954,If you are interested, I just found the printer(that icingimages recommends) online at for $55.00. This is a really good deal! They also sell it in the store, but my local Walmart was all out.
Hi Debbie,I found a good price on a Canon mg5220.I was just wondering which ink I would order from you for it? Is it the 5 cartridge set?Thanks
Thanks, Debbie for the information.I do have an edible printer that I purchased from you many years ago. (the Canon PixmaMP130).If you recall ,I was having some problems a little while back and you and your staff gave alot of help.I appreciate your advice, and will go by that. I am ready to upgrade so if I buy a printer, I will most likely purchase the ink from you. You've never let me down.
Hi,I was sent an e-mail from this company about a Canon Pixma iP3600 printer that includes ink cartridges (inkedibles refillable cartridges is the brand) for $159.95 and only $2.95 shipping.This seems like a good deal. Has anyone used this printer for edible printing or ever heard of this company? I'd like your input on this item. The company is called refill, here is the link to the...
SO SORRY!! I was wrong, no they are not dairy.Consulted with my husband who worked for a dairy delivering milk.
Yes,,,eggs are considred Dairy!!
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