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What is the easiest way to cut foam board and what do you use to cut it?I always get jagged edges no matter what I use.
I use Richfood Brand shortening and it still has transfat. Shortening without transfat totally changes the flavor and the texture, YUK!!I wonder how long it will be before all producers of shortening change to no transfat. That wouldn't be good for us!
Has anyone ever used whole eggs instead of egg whites in duncan hines cake mix?Does it change anything?
Did anyone else notice this? I just bought four boxes of Duncan Hines. The two white are 18.25 ounces and the chocolate fudge are 16.5 ounces!I didn't really look close at them in the store because that's all I buy anymore since Betty Crocker changed their size. But when I picked it up I noticed the smaller box.Wow they got us too!
Canon MG 5220, and definately use Icing Images. I only deal with them.They give you great support. I just had a minor problem with mine and they talked me through it and everything worked out fine.They are very friendly and their products are the best.Check Wal-Mart online. That's where I bought mine in January and only paid $60.00.
Definately try "collaring" as FlourPots suggests.I used to have the same problem and read the tuturial on here about collaring and it works great. It takes a little extra time, but turns out great cakes with height everytime.
Great ideas.Here''s what I came up with.....I made an edible image with cartoons of a fish coming out of the water looking up at the hummingbird with hearts coming out of the fish's mouth leading to the hummingbird. I put their manes under the pictures, added some clouds and waves and a sun. When I make the cake, I'll post a picture. I'll add something red on the cake for the 40th anniversary.Thanks for the help!
The cake is all buttercream, and the pictures are flat. Nothing intricate.
I have a request for a 40th Anniversary cake that has me stumped.They want a 12" x 18" sheet cake. Here is the problem....They requested that under the names I put a picture of a fish for the man and a hummingbird for the woman.I am clueless as to how to decorate this cake, and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I only have three days to come up with a design.
Actually, it is a flat cake being carved. It is a NE Patriot cake, carved like the patrio logo.Here is the design.
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