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Could you tell me if there is a difference in bench scrapers used to smooth frosting.I'd like to get one, and have been lookin on GSA and there are so many choices. Is any one better than another? Thank You.
Glad you asked, cause I am bursting with news!!I cooked dinner for my mother, who has lung cancer and spent the day with her. Made an apple pie. Then before the day was over, I got the best news DIL told me she is pregnant!!I have been waiting so long. My son is 39 and didn't want to have kids, and they are married 3 years. We never thought this would happen. They are both happy. And this was so wonderful for my mother!!I lost my other son 12 years ago to...
Thank You Soooo Much!!
I had a recipe for a white chocolate cake made with a white cake mix and white chocolate instant pudding. I can't find it for the life of me. Does anyone have the recipe, or something similar? Thanks.
I would say it depends on what size servings you want. Here is a chart that should help you calculate.I think a 10" and a 6" would do it. or an 8" and 6" if you don't want leftover.
Here is a chart that is very helpful to me. If you've never seen it, it may help.
Here is a chart that may help you from Wilton :
Has anyone used the new BC version since it's been cut down in size with WASC?I'm wondering how it turns out or if any changes have to be made. I also see that DH has cut down in size too.
Yes, I do it all the time. I always let my icing crust first, then smooth it with Viva and then put on my edible and smooth over it with Viva. Works great!
IF you bought your cartridges from Icing Images, go to their website and go to support. It covers many subjects. If you don't solve it there, they are very helpful if you contact them.
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