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Your cake is beautiful! I never would have noticed anything if you hadn't pointed it out.It looks great.
I found these on e-bay and was wondering if anyone has ever purchased them or has any information on them. It really doesn't give much info on them, or who they're made by. Seems like a good deal.
I made my own wedding cake. Of course it wasn't stacked, I had a four tier stand that was at different levels (don't know how to really explain it). It had silk flowers on it. I set it up the night before the wedding after the rehearsal dinner while the rest of the wedding party was decorating the hall. Making my own cake was a good feeling, I knew what I was getting and it was exactly what I wanted. I also made all my favors, my step-daughters dress, the head pieces...
I put fondant letters on buttercream all the time and I never refrigerate my cakes and have never had a problem.Of course, if you have to refrigerate the cake because of filling, etc. I can't really answer the question, but I still don't think there would be a problem.
"DITTO" what Tiggy2 said.I won't use anythig else and I love IcingImages, they are great people, very friendly and helpful.I have a Canon MG5220 and love it.
I have a fairly new Canon MG5220 printer for edible images. I bought my ink and paper from icingimages ,as I have for many years, and love their products. I love the printer, and really have no problems except for one. I've noticed that when I print something that should be red, it comes out more like a burgandy or very dark red, rather than a bright red. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal. All the other colors print fine.I'm printing an American Flag...
Great! I'm glad it all worked out
I recently did the same thing (the NE Patriots cake) in my photos. I just attatched the cupcakes with a dab of buttercream, and she put them on a flat surface in the back of her SUV and they traveled with no problem. I attatched them the night before .
Here's a pic of one done by a cc member. She gives instructions in the comments. HTH
I have an MG5220 Canon printer that I bought at WalMart very cheap. I Love It!I bought the ink cartridges and edible paper from Icingimages. I think they have superior products and excellant customer service.Before you buy a printer, be sure you check if there are compatible edible ink cartridges you can purchase.
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