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I just watched the video on the Agbay sight. This is something I am getting for sure.But does anyone know where to get a cake lifter the size that she has? That looks great, I've never seen one that large.
Just a simple question about fondant. I've cut fondant inserts etc. with an xacto knife a few times, but have one problem. It seems when I start cutting, the fondant tends to stretch.Should I let the fondant dry slightly, or am I doing something wrong?For instance, If a want to cut a cross, I don't get sharp corners, or very straight lines I hope someone understands what I am trying to say, it's a little hard to explain. Thanks for any help.
I use alot of 3" pans. I use the collaring method, fill 2/3 full, use a heating core for anything over 10", under that I just use a flower nail. I bake at 325 and have never had a problem. I bake with just cake mixes or use the following recipe:1 box cake mix: follow directions on box and add to it:3/4 cup flour1/2 cup sugar1 tsp. baking powder1/3 cup water1 egg1 TBLS. vegetable oil
Thanks for your help. You've given me alot lately! I think I'll go with the royal icing and follow your instructions in your blog. I'll also pipe some with a pattern. Just one question, what is confectioner's glaze? Do you have to use it once they are finished?I looked at your web-site and your cakes are really beautiful!!! I'll be checking out more in your blog for sure! It's amazing the things you can find on cc, so much help you never knew existed.May I ask , who is...
Global Sugar Art has next day and two day priority shipping rates.Of course, you will pay more for shipping, but figure the cost of gas if you are going to travel for it. HTH
Is it possible to melt candy melts and pipe with them? I'd like to try to make some coral this way for a seashell wedding cake. How would I go about it?
Thank You. I didn't think it would be too hard, but I've never covered a cake with fondant. How hard would this be? Any tips?
I forgot to include the picture of the cake. Here is it:
I was asked to make a cake shaped like a camaro. I'm not good at carving, but found this cake and I think I could handle this. My question is, would I be able to do this cake without using fondant, and how? Would it be difficult? Thanks
O.K. I just watched a video on youtube on how to make seashells with gumpaste and candy molds. I'm going to try this and hope it is as easy as it looks.Would you recommend putting anything into the mold for easy realease? She just put the gumpaste right into the mold, into the freezer and popped it out. I've never worked with gumpaste or molds before. Thanks for any advice.
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