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Thanks, this sounds like a great recipe, but please tell us what you mean by warm buttercream. I've never heard of it.
Hmmm...that just raised a question in my mind.In a few days I'm making a carrot cake with a crusting cream cheese recipe I found on here in the recipes. Will that have to be refrigerated? It has butter and creamcheese in it.
Some time ago I asked for a tuturial on making a fondant teddy bear. I received an answer and it is listed on cc somewhere.But I can't seem to get my forum posts to come up to find it again.Could someone help me find how to make a teddy bear out of fondant? I liked the step be step that was on here.
Here are two I have in my favorites from cc.cake by Dalaynea: by cherrycakes:
Not sure if I did this right, but here is one of my sheet cakes. Hope the pic comes through.
Thanks caymancake for the recipe, I'm sure I'll be trying it soon, it sounds like a good alternative cake to offer.
Just ordered my 23 piece set. Can't wait try them. Thanks for the info.
I've never used plungers. Are they easy to use? Any advice?This looks like a really good deal.
I was asked to make a cake for a baby shower for the dad, at work.Any ideas for a NotreDame football theme baby shower cake? It is a 12x18 cake. Thanks for any help.I also have to make a carrot cake along with it with cream cheese frosting. That aslo will be NotreDame and beer themed. Any recipes for crusting cream cheese frosting? I will probally use an edible image for that one. Wondering if it will work on cream cheese frosting?
Lora was very helpful, thank you very much. I finally got my images off the sheet by placing it in the freezer, although I had to work very fast once I took it out.The cake turned out really nice and the customer was happy.I've been trying to upload a picture but am having some difficulty on this site doing so. I'll keep trying.You people at icing images are great! Thanks for all your help and patience.
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