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No, you don't have to dilute it. Just drop in a few drops to start. Try it on a paper towel first. In between colors, clean out your airbrush gun by using a glass of very hot water, just press the trigger with it in the water and it will clear it out, then spray onto a paper towel to remove the excess.You can practice on a coloring book page if you are using a stencil for your picture. If you just want to free hand colors onto the cake, just practice on a paper towel till...
I use a plastic placemat. Saw it somewhere on a video. It only cost $1.00 and it works great!
Could someone give me a good recipe for buttercream icing that works good when making a buttercream transfer? Thanks
Here is a link that was posted on here that is really great!
It will serve as much as a 2-layer cake mix serves, about 15.
Try this link from CC and try the WASC recipe. Lots and lots of great recipes.
Thank You, but I have never covered a cake in fondant and that seems much harder to me. Some day I'll get brave enough to try it!
FlourPot, your cakes are beautiful. I can see lots of talent there. Alot of patience too! I don't think I'm this advanced yet to do something like that. (but working on it).Thanks!
Could someone please show some examples of cakes using designs from the extruder?I purchased a Makins, but am not quite sure of things to do with it.It would be very helpful for us new to the extruder.
Here is an idea, change it to whatever you like. Maybe put a few small pumpkins around for decoration. [img][/img]Or here is another one:
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