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I just purchased the new Wilton fabric fondant and gumpaste mold. I've never used molds before and was wondering if someone could give me some hints or instructions that would be helpful. Thanks so much.
I also have the sugarshack dvd on perfecting the art of buttercream. I agree, it is very good and worth every penny.I just wanted to post a tutorial to help at the moment, but would also recommend getting this dvd. to this site, this is an excellant tutorial on icing a cake.
Thanks, would you do it the same way, while the fondant is fresh, or is there another way do place it on fondant?
Well, I guess I'm not making this cake, even after all the research I did and figured it all out.I asked for $70.00 for the cake (60 cupcake pull apart cupcake cake) and they said the price was too high!! That's less than $1.25 per cupcake.Go figure............Hope they find one cheaper!!
Is it possible to put an edible image on fondant?
Wow! I can't even get $1.25 for a cupcake where I am. Ridiculous!!People just don't get it.
I would love to try to make this fish for a cake next week.If you are the creator of this fish, please let me know what petal cutter you used to make the scales.Or....anyone have any ideas what kind of petal cutter could have been used?ThanksSorry, I couldn't get the picture to load as an attatchment, have to try again.
Thanks kiddiekakes, you were very helpful.Are you saying that a 60 cupcake cake would be to big to make? They only want one cake so I don't know what to say to them. Do you charge more for cupcake cakes than sheet cakes? Thanks
I was asked to make a cupcake cake, which I have never done before. It will be 60 cupcakes shaped into a rectangle decorated with a volleyball theme. That doesn't seem hard.I have no idea how to charge for a cake made out of cupcakes. It seems like a little more work to me than a sheet cake.Is a cupcake considered the same as a slice of cake?Can someone please give me advice on how to charge for this cake, and also they have to know asap!!Any advice I need on how to do a...
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