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I need to make a cake for an 18 year old boy.  They want a pic of him when he was a toddler and also want his pic when he is the age of 18 now. I am at a loss of how to incorporate this into a cake.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Thanks everyone for your advice. In the end I got $35.00 for the cupcakes.
Thank You, I'll do that.
I usually charge $1.00 per slice for my cakes.  That's about all I can get in my area. I know I should get more but noone seems to want to pay .
I've never been asked to make cupcakes, I always decorate cakes.  I've been asked to make two dozen cupcakes but not sure how to charge. I was thinking $1.00 each, but not sure. I have to make the shark fins out of fondant, not too hard though. Here is a picture I'm going by. I'd appreciate any help    
I bought the pink velvet too but didn't make it yet.  I thought it might taste like the pink velvet recipe that is on here. Did it taste just like white cake?
I was shopping today and along with the new Duncan Hines Pink Velvet box mix they had a Blue Velvet mix.  Anyone have any idea what blue velvet could be?  I know pink velvet has white chocolate in it, just wondering if blue velvet is the same.
Absulutely Disgusting! Why stoop to that level of cake decorating? I have more pride, sorry!
Just wondering....If you add 1/3 cup extra mix do you still use the same amount of eggs, oil and water that is on the package?
Thanks, I did use the 2 cups shortening. Next time I will try it with 1 cup. It was still great. And of course using only 1 cup hi-ratio will cut the cost.
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