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no its explained perfectly, why didn't I think of it before lol thnx
I have a cake idea in mind, unfortunately I now have to think how I'm going to do it. I want a pretty backdrop made out of gumpaste but have no clue how to stand it up, preferably I want into to be edible, my skills outside of edible materials are rubbish...
I am in the exact same situation as you I would also like to know sorry I can' offer any advice
For a moist cake I love Warren Brown's yellow cake recipe he has a video showing you how to make it as well, he has a white cake recipe but I've never tried it...:
Thanks for the quick reply will do
I know this has been said before but I can't find the post where it is mentioned sorry... anyways I have just made SMBC and it is now sitting on my table as I realise I don't need it till two-three days time. I'm not worried about melting etc as I live in the UK so its a lot cooler but can I put it in the fridge and for how long, better to be safe than sorry.b) I recently read that someone frost their cake when the buttercream is cold but I always thought it would be room...
I'm just making some now and if your planning on the "stiffer" kind to cover cakes with use the ratio 1 cream: 3 white chocolate. I use the microwave like Michelle she has a Youtube video and I always follow that method: HTH
My brother loves cricket and no surprises there for his birthday he wants a cricket cake. I found one online but have no clue how to make it any suggestions? Bat & Bag
The only book I've ever seen mention and help with high altitude is Warren Browns: Cake love (providing your baking by scratch.) HTH
Thanks for the tips oil it is
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