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That's good advice about the color. When I make deeper toned fondant, it almost always tears. Red is especially bad. 
I don't think it will have the same effect on the fondant as glycerin. Glucose, I believe, is similar to a thick corn syrup.
I buy glycerin at whole foods. It is used as a beauty product to soften skin. I think it's what gives the fondant its elasticity. There are different varieties, but not all are edible. The brand I buy is by Now solutions. It is clearly marked food safe. I have also seen a different brand at WalMart, but it's not consistently stocked. I hope that helps!
I use 1 T of vegetable glycerin instead of corn syrup. Everything else you use is exactly what I use. 
Thank you for pointing me in a direction. I really appreciate it. I'll try to follow up with my experiments this weekend.
I got a request for a sugar free cake. There are lots of recipes for cake, but I'm stumped on a solution for the buttercream. I usually use an American buttercream under fondant, but obviously, powdered sugar is out.
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