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I just baked using the "Midi" sized liners and love them. Thinking of using those as my standard for all my mini size instead of the liners i normally use for "mini". I love that you get a bit more cake..I have found them on bakersconfections on etsy and just found them through google search too
@ SouthernCross: Yeah I just don't get the etiquette behind that whole scenario..The few weddings I did, at least it was only a few guests grabbing here and there..oh but once the bride and groom cut their individual cake..the crowd swarmed the cupcakes.. Regardless, its tacky and rude and I just don't get people sometimes!
I too make my own MMF ..but found once I add color it tends to crack and not roll out as smooth. Usually its just for small accents but concerned if I wanted to cover and entire cake. I have with it without color and was fine,,but again once added seems to not be as smooth..any tips?
I personally find SMBC is one of the best to achieve a light fluffy gorgeous frosting..although time consuming to make ..its not too sweet and holds up well!
I have done several weddings with cupcakes..I find in most cases guests will wait until the bride/groom cut the cake(if you have one for them to cut) then it ends up a free for all guests to grab a cupcake..I have always done at least 4 flavors so find guests like to try at least 2 options. Most of my brides order at least 1 for every guest (some guests don't stay for cake or not interested) and I include usually a dozen mini's in each flavor and so that covers the extras...
I too buy my boxes online that have pre-made inserts...So easy and really not to expensive if you buy in bulk..Plus customers love to be able to take them to safely transport their cupcakes when they pick up
I had the same problem with some of the recipes I tried for Strawberry cupcakes. I found one that used some pureed strawberry but also a packet of strawberry flavored gelatin(dry mix) it gave an amazing taste also had some fresh strawberries but no gummy strawberries to be found
I have done a lot of events that my cupcakes are due on Saturday..I usually get all my baking done on Thursday..I have done lots of fillings and if time allows I have filled and frosted on Thursday and left out at room tempature until the event and have had no issues..Mostly I try to frost the day before and just complete my baking on Thursday...I myself worry about freezing my cupcakes, don't want my liners to peel..but I have found most cupcakes stay fresh enough for...
Snickerdoodle, Lemon Raspberry and Toffee Caramel seem to be my most requested
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