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thank you so much AnnieCahill for your reply and thanks LisaPeps for the recipie yes I've heared that if I used organic eggs from trusted source then its OK, but I have a phobia from eggs and chicken because I got infected by salmonella befor, that is after eating from a certain resturant. anyways I'll try LisaPeps recipe and let you know
thank you for your reply I got it from a women's weekly book about cheesecakes, and I really trust women's weekly. the idea about it that it is a chocolate chilled cheese cake. I searched for chocolate cheese cakes with good reviews before, and all are baked, but I do love chilled I know that pasteurized eggs are not so common here, that's why I asked about suggestions...may be to remove the yolks? I dont know what is it purpose....
hi,I have a cheese cake recipe that seems so good, its only problem that it is a chilled not baked cheese cake and it calls for 2 whole eggs. the yolks should be beaten with the cheese and the cream. then the whites should be beaten and folded to the mixture. I really dont want to consume raw eggs, so I thought that I may substitute the egg whites with maringue powder, but what about the yolks? Suggestions?thanks
Hi everyoneI am making a vanilla chocolate-chip cupcakes and I'll fill them with nutella, I want a suggestion for an icing without turning so sweet.thanks!
hi all,I have some straight forward questions regarding lollipops! and I'll appreciate any help 1- why my lollipops come out sticky and sticks to the teeth (although I make my mixture reaches 295 F)?2- how to make sour lollipops?3- I've heard that some people use "Tang" powder instead of flavorings, and I gave it a try because flavorings don't give me this strong flavor that I want. the problem that when I added the powder the end just before closing the heat, it...
in a sponge cake, orange extract insted of the vanilla will do the job.
Hey everyoneI am in a bad need of your advice, its my first time to participate in an event to show my work in. its a two days event that I'll sell my work in, I am planning to sell cookies, cupcakes, cakepops and lollipops. I want to know how to arrange for such event? I'll never be able to make everything one day before the event, and if I made the cupcakes 3 or 4 days before the event and I saved them in the fridge, I'll not be able to decorate them on the night before...
thanks! may be I really dont measure baking powder and soda carefully! but dose this mean that you use this recipe under fondant and it hold well and the problem is from my measurements?
Hi allI want a chocolate cake recipe that tast good and hold well, becuase I tried many times the Hershey's perfect chocolate cake and similer recipies ( all are arround2 cups sugar, 1-3/4 or 2 cups flour, 3/4 cup Cocoa, 2 eggs,1 cup milk, 1/2 cup oil, 1 cup hot coffee) but it always cracks and it never hold under fondant. help?!
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