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You charge as stated in the previous post and you could then break that down into per Slice cost for quoting and invoicing. Or if you know your basic cake cost. You could say I charge $4 a serving for a basic fondant cake with minimum decorations, and then up charge for more elaborate decorations, toppers, 3-D figures etc.
They also make a 12 loaf mini bread loaf pan 6.4oz
I think there called "stuffed cornbread pan" makes a dozen squares
What about the small rectangular corn bread pan?
If you are using a personal oven then look at your bill to see what you are being billed per kilowatt hour. And try to estimate from there, electric ovens use around 3500 killowatts per hour. A killowat are billed at 1000 killowatts per hour.
So if my cost is $25 and I divide by .2 that would equal $125? Think I'm lost
Do not get the cricut. They no longer support a software that let's you import and cut your own images from a computer. You can only cut cricut images which limits what you can do. There are several other machines out there with much more freedom to cut your own custom images.
Do you mean cost multiplied by .2 = retail? To charge for a cake you should add up your cost to make the cake. This should include ingredients and supplies like cake boards, etc. Add any overhead such as liability insurance, electric, water, etc. Then estimate how many hours it will take to complete the project. Include any shopping and clean up. Then multiple your estimated hours by what you pay yourself per hour. Add up your cake cost and labor to come up with your...
Pie. I lost my appetite for cake along time ago.
Great job!!! I would have charged around $160.00 - Around $120 base price and another $40 for hammer, saw blade, etc.
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