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I didn't know they even had imagine cartridges out! I guess those ones are a no no
You can use different ones yes. As long as it is Cricut it will work on ANY of the cricut machines. I have a few different ones that I have used in the past. Mostly just for the font tho.
I have not used my cricut cake in sooooo long.. I think Ive actually only used it once before. I was thinking about selling it until I stumbled across this topic. After reading what all you great people wrote I went out and got the deep cut blade/housing and a paper mat thingie and tested it out. It worked perfectly! Im now going to use my cricut cake to make custom boxes for cupcakes etc.I'm finally going to get some use out of the machine. Thanks everyoneOh if you do...
I'm not in England right now but I have seen Gumtree before. We have something like it here on the island I live on (Like a yard sales site). I have sold cakes on it before and it worked really well. Ive sold cakes that I had already made and got orders from it too. What I normally do is post a link to my site on there so they can go directly to it. Not sure if you can do that on Gumtree or not.Good luck hope it all works out for you
I'm going to be making my husband some sugar cookies and his squadron (he is Air force) a Christmas cake because most of them will be alone for the holidays. So I plan to surprise them on Friday with a cake. I'm still trying to come up with ideas for it tho.
Yay, congrats. One day I will be a proud owner too. For now I can keep dreaming.
I just looked at the tutorial on the cake, it looks beautiful! I hope it turns out well for you.
I dont think I could live without my kitchen aid anymore! I love that thing! I love my pasta roller (so does my 1 year old son) turntable and THE MAT! I got the mat a few weeks ago. I rarely use it like Im supposed to but i do LOVE that I can roll out the fondant then just throw it over the cake and remove it if it isn't where it needs to be! I love my little scalpel cutter too. that's one of the tools I always have on me while im decorating.Id like to try out the Agbay
The magic day that brought us together is something to celebrate today and forever!I was adopted myself and every year we celebrate too. I think its so sweet she is getting a cake to celebrate the day!
I couldn't agree with you more. I really do feel for the woman tho.
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