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I'll be honest I thought the same thing.
Ohh thats awful. I know how you feel tho. I had a cake finished boxed and ready to go. It was a 2 tier frog cake. The woman was about to come by to pick it up so I went to move it from my kitchen to the pickup table and dropped it! The whole cake smashed. Thankfully she was collecting it the day before so she said i could redo it and deliver the next day but wow, it was heartbreaking seeing all that work smashed!
I buy mine. I had tried making it but I didn't like how mine came out. Plus I never seem to have the time to sit down and do all that ahead of time. I live on a tiny island in Japan, its hard to have fondant shipped her on a regular basis so I browse the local yard sale website and I guarantee every month after the Wilton class a bunch of people sell all the fondant they stocked up on before they started the class. So I tend to stock up then for less money.
Debbie I Have a question for you.Does your company ship APO? I live on Okinawa Japan (military Base). Most company's wont ship here so I usually end up tracing what I need then hand drawing onto my cake with food coloring. It would be such a time saver to be able to just print what I need.
wow thats a very helpful link!
I thought the same thing about the price, it seemed a bit much for some plastic. but I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. I would pay the same again in a flash. No more messy counter tops, so less cleaning up after rolling out all that fondant just roll up the mat and put it back in the container it came in.. EASY!.
I love mine, the fondant goes onto the cake perfectly every time.I also love being able to store the fondant between the layers and deal with my 1 year old without worrying about it drying out. I highly recommend it
That's such a good idea!I will be honest I eat a lot of the scrap bits of cake but I "try" to wrap it up and send it to work with my husband, so he can share anything that is left over with the guys in his squadron. That way I don't feel like I'm throwing away perfectly good food etc and the guys are happy. My son is getting bad tho with the fondant, he knows now if mummy is at the decorating table there is something yummy up there so he has been stealing bits of fondant...
I have to agree with everyone else too. It makes such a big difference and doesn't take long to make a good batch of frosting. Your taste buds will thank you for it!
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