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How do you freeze it? Put it in a container and foil? Ive always wanted to try this but Im worried it wont come out right.
Such a great idea!
Every time I have done it I just baked a 6" round layer of cake and 1/2 the Wilton sports ball and then just carved out a little from the front of the bottom layer to make the helmet shape. The hard part is the visor. Just make sure you give the visor enough time to harden before you apply it to the cake or it will sag in the middle.
I like the way you think!
OR if your really adventurous you could use air. Have a little air pump at the bottom rather than dowels, then have the trigger push a burst of air thru the tubes and push your stripper up the pipe.. stripper would have to be light tho and maybe have a little wedge preventing the stripper from popping all the way out the cake and flying away!This is fun!
Ok, so I don't know if this would work but as soon as you said pop out the top I thought of those toys little kids get where they push a button on the side of the toy and a clown or something pops out.If it was me making this cake I would keep it as simple as possible. Bake your bottom tier and cut a hole down the middle to put a pipe. Have the pipe go from the bottom of the cake all the way thru the bottom tier and the Styrofoam top tier. Have a thick down going thru the...
AnnieCahill I just went to that site you linked - OMG they look sooooooo good! I know what I'm going to be making this weekend
I'd like to learn how to make more flowers and I'd like to learn how to make cool people characters. mine look awful! I have actually signed up for a class for characters, hopefully it helps!
I did an open house when I first started out to see what people thought of my recipes. I experimented with some flavors and allowed people to try them. I had a 2 day event. IT WAS A MAD HOUSE! Parents bringing kids, kids stealing samples, parents allowing it to happen.Kids screaming and I wasnt able to sit down with anyone and take because other guests just came over and acted like it was some kind of party. This will NOT happen again for me. I got a lot of orders from it...
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