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Im having issues with the search option. Im not sure if its just me being slow to catch on or something but when I type in my search its saying there are x amount of photos in the gallery but its not actually showing any pictures.
I have mailed cakes before (fondant tho). I sent one to England from Japan and one to TX from Japan. Ive also mailed cake pops. I just make sure they are in a strong box. I put them on a cake board pop a little wax paper on top then wrap it in cling wrap to seal it. Put a little bedding on the bottom of the box for the cake to sit on then pack around it with packing. I normally just use plastic bags. I know its prob not the safest method but Ive not had any problems yet.....
42 seems very fair. they are not just buying a cake they are buying art. Its a wow factor for events, the fact that its edible too makes it a plus. I'd say stick to ya guns don't lower the price. Personally Id rather sell 1 cake a week and charge more than work my butt off selling cakes cheap and still only making the same amount.
I actually managed to get the fondant on the cake without it splitting (which was some kind of miracle) I just took my time with it. made it thicker than usual. made sure the edge wasn't too sharp and used chocolate ganache rather than buttercream which I think made a world of difference. Next time tho I think I will give your advice a try. It sounds like a good method.Thanks for the reply
So today I am working on my first Topsy turvy cake, its kept me awake a couple nights worrying about this one. Ive done a couple practice cakes before, both "looked" right but when it came to covering them in fondant it split on the tallest corner (which i managed to hide most of with decorations). My question is:Is there some secret to doing this without it splitting? I live on a tropical island where humidity is INSANE, I have all my ac on so my house is freezing and not...
Just an update to the comment I posted a little while ago. I've just watched a couple more videos and read some comments. I definitely recommend it. She posts lessons for beginners and advance, but she does her lessons so well pretty much anyone can follow along. I've just been learning how to make a Topsy turvy cake (which i have due this weekend and have been nervous about). And I feel like i could just take my laptop in the kitchen and watch the video...
I just joined after being tempted by it for months. It was $30 for 1 year Ive just finished watching a video tutorial, it was impressive. Very very impressed with the video tutorial I watched. She explained everything in details and why she does it. I'm still a noob to the site but so far I am happy I signed up.
I love her videos, great link!
She decided to look for another decorator who will sculpt it for her. I pointed out that she would be fined too, I don't think that seemed to bother her in the slightest. Oh well, her loss not mine.
I will do! NO!
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